Sunday, June 01, 2008

America's first Holistic charter school to open in Minnesota

Quest Academy is a new concept in school, engaging students in active learning to access all the intelligences. Through inner exploration, students integrate mind, heart, and body while developing their particular talents and capacities. They practice social and emotional intelligence as they explore the world together. And they bring their gifts into the community, helping transform society and heal the environment.

An extended day includes learning in subjects such as the new physics, indigenous cultures, peace and reconciliation, integrative healing, and contemplative inquiry. These are embedded within a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum featuring math, language arts, world language, social studies, the sciences, and the visual and performing arts, helping students achieve academic mastery while also learning to think well beyond the box.

Our children will inherit a world full of challenges. We must prepare them to find the opportunities within those challenges. As a 21st Century working laboratory, Quest Academy partners with research institutions and universities worldwide to bring new scientific understandings in brain-mind development and transformative learning directly into the classroom, forging a powerful new model of education.

Students at Quest Academy:

* Begin each day harmonizing body and mind through activities such as yoga, tai chi, and the martial arts;
* Learn to look within for health, integration, and discernment;
* Explore the world through leading edge scientific paradigms;
* Cultivate social and emotional intelligence in daily life through deep listening and circle process;
* Develop imagination and focused attention through a full spectrum of visual and performance arts;
* Practice active discernment and critical thinking while pursuing a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum.

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