Sunday, June 22, 2008

Minnesota's Sesquicentennial: An Indigenous Perspective

This is Audrey Thayer's perspective on Minnesota's Sesquicentennial. Originally published in The Circle News. Many of their articles you can only find this in print editions, so pick up copies in the analog realm!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Impeaching of President George W. Bush

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich last night introduced 35 Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush in a dramatic presentation of the floor of the House of Representatives that last nearly five hours.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Green Party Holds State Convention in Mankato

The Green Party of Minnesota held its biennial convention over the weekend of June 7th and 8th in Mankato. The two main items on the agenda were selection of national delegates and endorsement of a U.S. Senate candidate.

Going into the convention, it was clear the front-runner for Green Party nomination for president, Cynthia McKinney, would receive a majority of Minnesota's twelve delegates to the national convention. Members had the opportunity to vote on the presidential endorsement at the local caucuses in March, through a mail-in ballot, or in person at the State Convention. When all the votes were counted, McKinney received eleven delegates, with one delegate representing the position that the Green Party should run no candidate.

The twelve delegates selected will be attending the Green Party National Convention in Chicago from July 10 through 13, where they will vote on the Presidential endorsement, on platform resolutions, and other issues.

McKinney is a former six-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives who has been known for her outspoken opposition to war and excessive military spending, and for her passionate support for the interests of people above profit. She has left the Democratic Party to join the Green Party which advocates what McKinney calls “radical common sense” policies that would result in real change in the United States. Her campaign website is at Three lesser-known candidates are also running for the Green Party endorsement. Though none received enough votes to earn a delegate from Minnesota, several speakers at the convention expressed appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to publicize important issues and support the Green Party.

The U.S. Senate endorsement contest was much closer. Michael Cavlan sought the party's endorsement, but was one vote shy of the 2/3 threshold needed to receive the party's endorsement. Therefore, the Green Party of Minnesota is not endorsing a U.S. Senate candidate in the 2008 election. Cavlan announced at the convention that he would run as an independent if he did not receive the endorsement.

Elections were also held for representatives on the State Central Committee and to the national party. Members debated and passed revisions to the party platform and by-laws.

The State Party is grateful to the Mankato local party for their efforts in hosting a productive and smooth-running State Convention.

( For video of the convention go here. )

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Minnesota 5CD GP Statement against Midtown Burner

In support of the Philips, Powderhorn, and Longfellow neighborhoods,
the Fifth Congressional District Green Party opposes development of
the Midtown Eco Energy power plant. Members of the Fifth Congressional
District Green Party are concerned with potential negative effects
from the proposed development as well as existing neighborhood
pollution levels.

The proposed development is within the East Phillips Neighborhood, an
area which is already one of the most polluted areas in Hennepin
county. This area was recently named an EPA "Superfund" site due to
Arsenic contamination, and has a high proportion of residents that
suffer from asthma. Locating this power plant in such a highly
polluted area raises questions of environmental justice and
constitutes a form of environmental racism.


Press contacts:
Kevin Chavis
KevinChavis AT mngreens DOT org

Dan Dittmann
DanDittmann AT

Sunday, June 01, 2008

America's first Holistic charter school to open in Minnesota

Quest Academy is a new concept in school, engaging students in active learning to access all the intelligences. Through inner exploration, students integrate mind, heart, and body while developing their particular talents and capacities. They practice social and emotional intelligence as they explore the world together. And they bring their gifts into the community, helping transform society and heal the environment.

An extended day includes learning in subjects such as the new physics, indigenous cultures, peace and reconciliation, integrative healing, and contemplative inquiry. These are embedded within a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum featuring math, language arts, world language, social studies, the sciences, and the visual and performing arts, helping students achieve academic mastery while also learning to think well beyond the box.

Our children will inherit a world full of challenges. We must prepare them to find the opportunities within those challenges. As a 21st Century working laboratory, Quest Academy partners with research institutions and universities worldwide to bring new scientific understandings in brain-mind development and transformative learning directly into the classroom, forging a powerful new model of education.

Students at Quest Academy:

* Begin each day harmonizing body and mind through activities such as yoga, tai chi, and the martial arts;
* Learn to look within for health, integration, and discernment;
* Explore the world through leading edge scientific paradigms;
* Cultivate social and emotional intelligence in daily life through deep listening and circle process;
* Develop imagination and focused attention through a full spectrum of visual and performance arts;
* Practice active discernment and critical thinking while pursuing a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum.
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