Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Broom asks for new leadership in Minneapolis

"A new broom sweeps clean"

New Broom was formed in September 2008 in response to the RNC. Police
state tactics by cops and sheriffs, aided and abetted by Mpls & StPaul
mayors and city councils. Mayors and councils already selling out the
cities and citizens to developers/predators.

New Broom is: Dems, libertarians, Greens, Ron Paul Republicans,
anarchists, Independents, independents, Open Progressives. New Broom
contains several serious policy/ordinance/procedure wonks deep in city
meetings, documents line by line, casting light in dark corners.

New Broom for now concentrates on Mpls, because the mayor and whole city
council are up this November 2009.

New Broom grades the 13 members of the Mpls City Council:

grade ward/incumbent
F 1/Ostrow
C- 2/Gordon
D- 3/Hofstede
F 4/Johnson
F 5/Samuels worst of all
F 6/Lilligren second worst
F 7/Goodman
C- 8/Glidden
C- 9/Schiff
D+ 10/Remington
D- 11/Benson
D- 12/Colvin-Roy
D+ 13/Hodges

Average: D-/D. Mean: D-.
We deserve better. Lots better. B or better.
The lower the grade, the bigger the broom should be.
Ostrow-1, Remington-10 & Benson-11 won't run again.
Gordon's earlier C dropped to C- for endorsing RT (RNC/stadium) Rybak.

New Broom will in the future report on, and in many cases grade,
opposition candidates as they reveal themselves.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Governor Pawlenty Eliminates PCR Program

One of my favorite Monty Python skits is the infamous encounter between King Arthur and the Black Knight. What makes the scene so funny is that after first losing one arm – and then a second – the Black Knight keeps on fighting as though nothing has changed. I was reminded of this scene yesterday after Governor Pawlenty disclosed he was eliminating the Political Contribution Refund program effective July 1, 2009.

On principle, the Independence Party of Minnesota has always agreed to fight its Republican and DFL opponents with one arm tied behind its back because of our refusal to accept and be influenced by special interest and lobbyist money. Now the Governor is slicing off our other arm by eliminating the PCR program which rebates political contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $50 for individuals ($100 per couple).

Like the noble Black Knight, the Independence Party will proceed on its noble quest. As the only political party truly dedicated to fiscal responsibility, I am of the opinion that during these difficult economics it is only fair that political parties and candidates share in the burden of balancing the state budget. As such, I have no qualms with Pawlenty’s decision.

What this means, however, is that all of us must rise to the occasion and embrace the IP’s other time-honored principle of personal responsibility. In other words, we must now fund the party and its candidates before the benefit of this program is eliminated.

The fact that the Republican governor and the DFL-controlled legislature couldn’t come up with a budget-balancing agreement this past session tells us that the common-sense wisdom of the Independence Party is needed in Minnesota now more than ever.

If you feel the same way and believe in the party and its bedrock principles, help the party by making a contribution today! Don’t delay! Go to and click on the Contribute link at the top of the page. Or mail your contribution today to Independence Party of Minnesota - PO Box 40495 - St. Paul, MN 55114. You will receive your PCR application and rebate receipt in the mail as soon as we receive your contribution. Hurry - you have until June 30, 2009 before the PCR program is elimininated!

Jack Uldrich


P.S. If you prefer to fight with at least one hand, make your contribution today at – while you can still qualify for the rebate!

Prepared and Paid for by the Independence Party of MN
Your contribution is not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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