Sunday, May 18, 2008

We ( In Saipan) should care

From the day S. 2739 (now PL 110 -229) was signed by President Bush, speculations on who are running started to become a hot topic among conversations. By now, few names have surfaced. Just recently, CNMI Washington Pete A. Tenorio announced that he is a candidate. The other names being mentioned as possible candidates are Sec. Eloy Inos, Judge Juan Lizama, Robert Torres, and Former Gov. Juan Babauta.

I believe that the Congressional Delegate especially during the next five years will play a very vital role. It’s not only because of the historical value of being the first CNMI Congressional delegate but more so because we are expecting a lot of actions happening during that period.

And while it may seem like the issue of electing the first Congressional Delegate does not affect the guest workers, think again. He is the voice of CNMI to Washington. Therefore, I think we, the guest workers, should help in anyway we can to make sure that the candidate who has sincere concern for the guest workers will win. Yes, we cannot vote and yes what we can do is limited but there is a way. For example, I’m sure that each of us has at least one or two local friends or family, tell them why you want your candidate to win. I’m sure that there are other ways to help a candidate.

If we are united in this endeavor, I’m sure we can create an impact. United we stand!
Let’s start to care.

Irene N. Tantiado
Capital Hill


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