Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bailout Mania - Call your Congressperson

Congress buying our confidence with cash earlier this year failed.

Congress buying out Fannie Mae and Sallie Mae failed.

The Feds buying AIG and other shady financial schemes failed.

What makes us think a $700,000,000,000 bailout will work? It won't, but it might stave off concern until after the election.

Call Congress and let them know we want long-term solutions, not last second election schemes. The longer we stall the impending recession, the greater likelihood it will be a Depression.

Senator Amy Klobuchar ---------202-224-3244
Senator Norm Coleman ---------202-224-5641

Tim Walz ---------202-225-2472
John Kline ---------202-225-2271
Jim Ramstad ---------202-225-2871
Hon. Keith Ellison---------202-225-4755
Hon. Betty McCollum---------202-225-6631
Michelle Bachmann--------- 202-225-2331
Collin Peterson ---------202-225-2165
Jim Oberstar ---------202-225-6211

If any Greens want to chime in about how this might work, please feel free to explain. Our economy may collapse, but society may not if we can implement long-term strategies to deal with our intertwining energy and economic crisis. Bailing out Wall Street should be off the table.

Today, at around the country at 5PM, there will be rallies to protest the taxpayer handout to Wall Street billionaires. To find where one is near you go here:



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