Friday, April 25, 2008

Ahhhh -- the hate!

It's so easy

But if Bush/Cheney were out of office today
and if Obama or McKinney or even Nader was president
what would fundamentally change?

The food we eat, the fuel that heats our homes
our transportation to work, the clothes we wear
the internet that publishes our e-verses
all are products of the capitalist/petroleum-based
empire of wealth

You can't escape it even if you don't own a car
That carrot you put in your vegetable soup was shipped from California
The electricity that enables you to read this message
was generated at great cost to the environment
and at great profit to some network
of global corporations

The hate you feel for the president or anybody else
might as well be directed at your own sorry self
It's a big dead end and a waste of emotional energy

We really ought to free ourselves from
the politics of power and personality

And we can't be free until we until we stop hating and start loving

OK maybe we can't love Bush
or rightwing talk radio hosts

but we can love each other, and ourselves, and the earth
while acknowledging our weaknesses as individuals
our dependence on the economic systems we are seeking to transform
and our complicity in this project called society

Somebody once said "living well is the best revenge"

I think if we live like we're free, and love like we're free
then justice MAY follow

Of course, if somebody is pointing a gun at you,
all feel-good philosophical bets are off

But while we have the luxury to do so


-- Holle Brian

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