Friday, March 07, 2008

Green Party candidate seeks state representative seat in Lakeville

Colin Lee, a software engineer from Lakeville, formally announced and filed for candidacy to challenge Republican incumbent Mary Liz Holberg in State House District 36A.

Lee, who has lived in the Twin Cities for over 26 years, decided to run because he said he perceived that the citizens of Lakeville were ready for a change from politicians who work only for corporations, lobbyists, and PACs and who listen to citizens only during the months before November.

He said he believes that many recent tragedies, such as the home mortgage crisis, could have been avoided with foresight and open ears to hear troubled constituents.

“The most serious problems in our society seem to fall through the cracks because it proves less difficult for lawmakers to ignore those who cannot make large donations,” he said.

He said he wants to restore grassroots voices to the process.

“In recent years, wages stagnated, businesses fled to China with our tax incentives, health care became the leading cause of bankruptcy, every family of four owes over $100,000 in national debt, and Minnesota’s poor now pay the largest chunk of income on state taxes. All most politicians do about it is debate how much of our children’s money to give away for wealthy interests. They are mostly unaccountable and unavailable when constituents call.”

He said he is a believer in balanced budgets and restrained spending.

Colin said he believes that he can win both conservative and progressive voters by fighting for the principles that two parties claim to believe in, but fail to uphold.

“For far too long, neither major party has shown their roots of fiscal conservatism nor progressive populism. But I will. Together, we will bridge this gap. We will create a sustainable future. We will raise the colors of freedom, bringing back liberties and prosperity that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will one day enjoy.”

Born a dual citizen of South Africa, he said his birth nation rose up non-violently against a repressive, racist government and eventually defeated them.

He said he believes that a similar populist movement is beginning in order to reclaim politics in America for those citizens who currently have no say. Colin has a campaign Web site at


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