Monday, December 17, 2007

OPEN LETTER TO GREEN PARTY from Cali Committee to Elect Elaine Brown

by Campaign Coordinator ( vote4elainebrown [at] )
This open letter is to address issues of unprofessional, undemocratic behavior and tactics taken by the National Political Director of the US Green Party and the National Steering Committee. The Green Party is a bright hope for electoral justice in America. Information was provided to us by an honest member of the Steering Committee. She should be CELEBRATED for her bravery yet she is being pushed to resign. Please feel free to respond. THE GREEN PARTY BELONGS TO US ALL, NOT JUST DISGRUNTLED DEMOCRATS!
OPEN & URGENT LETTER To Green Party US Steering Committee From California Coordinator, Committee to Elect Elaine Brown

I write this open letter to the Green Party US Steering Committee and the
Green Party membership at large in order to immediately expose the
malicious, libelous, and racist behavior and comments made by Brent
McMillan, Political Director, Green Party USA to the National Steering
Committee during the time that body was deciding whether or not to grant
Draft Candidate status to Elaine Brown last week.
Through email correspondence, Mr. Mcmillan informed the US Green Party
Steering Committee of a situation in which an associate of Candidate
Elaine Brown went to him to pick up paperwork for the DC primary ballot

Relating his experience through an email to the Green Party US Steering
Committee, Brent McMillan claimed that the man who came to meet with him
was sent with malicious intent. He further stated he did not know who
would come after him next, that he may be taking his last breath soon AND
accused our campaign of laying groundwork for violence. He then ended his
correspondence to the Steering Committee by claiming that Elaine Brown is
an alcoholic, a flat out lie which has NO FACTUAL BASIS whatsoever. This
is straight libel against a Green Party Candidate for the US

His accusations against our Black associate and the expressed fear that
there may be violence directed upon him in the future is rooted in racism
and was done with malice. His accusations and commentary are very severe,
unjustified, and Anti-Elaine Brown. It is pure libel, both to Elaine and
to the campaign that represents her.

Our campaign has registered many new voters to the Green Party in a
relatively short amount of time. We are organizing the marginalized and
oppressed, who have never been served by the elitist, hierarchal,
patriarchal electoral status quo. The very people who the Green Party
CLAIM to serve and represent. We are bringing these folks into this party.
Over 95% of our delegates are people of color and under the age of 25.
Most have never regitered to vote...yet are over 18. And her support is
growing in the Green Party rank and file.

This irresponsible, dangerous, undemocratic, and unprofessional, behavior
by Brent McMillan, US Green Party Political Director, is the antithesis of
the Green Party Key Values. It is hypocritical for the Green Party to
allow him to stay on as a paid staff member in a position of leadership at
the National level.

Also implicated with the Steering Committee are two other National Green
Party activists who responded to the racist accusations of
violence by Mr. McMillan.not by checking their facts...but by proposing
stronger security in the building to keep any future violent black folks,
out. They are accusing our campaign of intent to harm. A serious, criminal
accusation. This too, is malicious and hurtful to our campaign, our
candidate and a downright insult to all of our delegates and any Black
person who walks in to the Green Party office in DC this day forward.

We call for Brent McMillam to immediately and publicly recant his
malicious and untrue statements about Elaine Brown. We demand an immediate
apology and resignation of Mr. McMillan. If this statement does not come
forth from Brent McMillan, his consequences will come in the form of full
legal action.

Furthermore, we propose the Green Party US accept the following resolution
and solution proposed below I sincerely hope that Greens in positions of leadership will
hear this call for justice on behalf of our campaign. I hope all of you
will do whatever is in your power to reconstitute this US Steering
Committee with non-judgmental, tolerant, righteous people who represent
different factions of this party. The Green Party US is at a crossroads of
great potential or harm within itself.

Let a new US Steering Committee bring the party to its highest potential.
Do not allow this party (at the top levels) to become racist, biased,
elitist and corrupt. America needs the Green Party to work based on its
Key Values now more than ever.

Please support this resolution, start to make the needed changes, and
appoint a new National Political Director immediately.

With Love For The People,
California Coordinator, Committee to Elect Elaine Brown
Vote4elainebrown [at]


Whereas the paid political director of the GPUS, during a GPUS Steering
Committee Discussion and Voting period of that committee to accept or not
a high profile and respected Black Community leader, labeled that Draft
Candidate for the GPUS Presidential nomination in written Green Party
documents, derogatory terms not congruent with the ten key values of the
GPUS or the appearance of impartiality and non-appearance of conflict of

Whereas -- after national committee delegate's probing of the GPUS
steering committee -- there were no apparent responses nor action towards
censure, separation, or distancing of such remarks, from our National
Steering Committee, during this critical time of growth or implosion of
our party's democratic institutions which must remain accountable;

And whereas there has been a long standing acrimony stemming from two
tendencies in the GPUS and within the GPCA which has not been solved and
appears headed towards certain separation;

Be it resolved that the National Committee of the GPUS calls for two
delegates of Peter Camejo, two delegates of David Cobb or Cynthia
McKinney, and 1 delegate from Elaine Brown and 1 delegate from Ralph Nader
to constitute a new voting Steering Committee, with all current Steering
Committee Members to Resign their voting positions but allowed to be
present and participate in meetings until such time as GPUS steering
committee decides;

GPCA Delegate

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