Thursday, November 01, 2007

EXCLUSIVE Interview with FOX & CNN

While these two are usually quite reticent, I was able to sit down and have a chat about the 2008 Presidential Election coverage. I am pleased to present my interview with CNN and FOX:

How do you feel the Presidential election is going?

CNN: Very well, vigorous debates including YouTube and HRC. Very issue oriented

FOX: As long as Democrats nominate Hillary, we have a good season of stories to cover.

Do you think you started covering the primary too early?

FOX: We believe that election coverage is indefinite. Our attacks on Hillary began the moment we began airing.

CNN: We wanted a head start on the election cycle, starting with proposed candidates. We assumed many of the current key players prior to their announcement.

Why the strict emphasis on fund-raising?

FOX: Money is equivalent to speech. We support the first amendment and the people's rights. Unless of course you are PETA, Amnesty International, etc.

CNN: We concur. But we must also cover viable candidates who can raise money.

A study has shown that within five months of the primary race, you whittled down coverage from seventeen candidates to five. Why do that?

CNN: We do cover all candidates at and have video coverage of the debates. This should be sufficient as only front runners garner coverage.

FOX: Any Republican candidate can beat Hillary, so why focus equal attention to all of them?

Even a year before the actual election and months before the primaries, you portray the coming election as Clinton versus Giuliani as inevitable. Is that supportive of democracy and open debate?

[ long pause ]

FOX: We don't see it that way. They are the front runners with significant leads in the polls.

CNN: Giuliani is also more liberal than most Republicans.

FOX: ( snicker ) So you think....

Do you foresee any independent or third party candidates running?

CNN: None that are electable.

FOX: They always run. But why would anyone NOT support American democracy?

Would you allow any other candidates in a debate?

CNN: Only if they meet a certain level of support from the American public.

FOX: No.

With the rise of the internet, independent media forms have allowed unknown candidates to gain more notoriety. If the American public want further options [ for President], could the election be swayed by an independent or third party?

FOX: We do not fear the fring media or their candidates.

CNN: We would cover any grassroots movement, but ensure it is seen as it truly is. Probably an outlier that could be minimized at every opportunity

Do you have an agenda beyond news reporting?

[ simultaneously ]: NO!

FOX: Preposterous to suggest!

CNN: We are professional journalists!

Any final comments on the election coverage?

CNN: America will elect the next president in 2008. CNN will be covering the election like no one else to inform the voters of important issues.

FOX: Hillary is Satan incarnate.

Thank you so much for your valuable time.

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