Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Resolution on Circus Animals in Minneapolis

I am proud to have been a part of getting this resolution passed. It means less animal cruelty for the sake of entertainment. All beings deserve to live quality lives. I hope the full city council approves this soon.


Resolution as follows:

5th Congressional District Green Party
March 17, 2007
Drafted by Eric Makela, Co-Founder, Green Party Animals
(612) 782-2118

WHEREAS, Circuses featuring wild animals are held every year in Minneapolis;

WHEREAS, the Green Party's endorsed Minneapolis City Council member, Cam
Gordon, actively supports a propos
ed ordinance which would ban circuses that
feature wild animals,

WHEREAS, circuses that don't use animals are available for hire b
organizations that normally hire circuses with animals;

WHEREAS, the Green Party of Minnesota's Platform states, "Animals used for
entertainment such as racing, gambling, zoos, circuses and the film industry
are subject to abuses that are often hidden from the public. Forcing
non-human animals to live lives that are unnatural or unhealthy to th
species for the sake of entertainment is unjust." (Sec N, Item 3);

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the 5th Congressional District Green Party of
Minnesota supports a proposed ban on wild-animal circuses that will be
introduced before the Minneapolis City Council.


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