Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lynne's Burdock

Dear 17th Ave. Steering Committee:

After some of you were in the garden working this Saturday, I found that the two burdocks that I was nurturing in the herb garden had been pulled up and destroyed. One of them was in flower, and was quite lovely. Do you know how that happened? I kept the burdock carefully trimmed, and used it daily in my tea. Earlier this year, one of you pulled up a different burdock I was growing in the herb garden. I made it clear to Carol Pass and Linda Leonard I had been caring for it. I requested of Carol and Linda that you please not pull up the plants, and that you not work in the herb garden, at least not without speaking with me first. The herb garden was neither created nor maintained by you.

Also, a string holding up my tomato plant next to the plot Cynthia and Laverne put flowers in last year was cut. My tomatoes were lying on the ground. Do you know anything about this?

May I hear from someone about this right away, please?

Thank you,

Lynne Mayo

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